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Heat can dilate the vessels, allowing white blood cells faster access to the infected area, but heat allows the infection to multiply!

The remedy should depend on the pain. Vodka in my ear worked for an acute infection.
Vinegar/rubbing alcohol are good preventative measures.
Do not take baths, take showers. The water/bacteria gets trapped in the ear easily if you take baths or swim a lot.

Hydrogen peroxide helps with very acute infections.

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Hi, a few years ago I had a hearing reconstruction surgery. My doctor told me never to use oil or anything sold at the store instead he told me to always have white vinegar at home and if I felt I had severe itching or a little infection to mix some of the vinegar with distilled water and put it on my ear. It will kill infection but of course he also suggested to see the doctor.
Now, due to my surgery I have my ears checked yearly but my question is if one takes time and money to keep a car; why not go for an ear check up once a year.
Our body parts also need a TUNE UP AND CHECK UP!


im sorry but whenever i had an ear infection my mom would put peroxde in my ear and put a hot wate rag over my ear and take a nap. by the time i wake up the pain was gone so hate does to work!


heat does work for the pain for the time being...bacteria grows in warm places...and if you put heat in your ear it is going to cause the bacteria in your ear to grow also. I know it is something that has been done for years but it is a proven medical fact that heat causes bacteria to grow. Please if you are going to use that for temporary relief...go to a doctor also.


actually, the heat helps to circulate blood to the infected area which helps to fight the infection as well as reduce swelling

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