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For a nasty toothache, this may sound weird but if you take a common tea bag no flavored ones, just the regular black tea, wet the bag and hold inside your cheek and gum, IT WORKS SO WELL, it draws the pain right out of it. I was desperate for help and tried it works great. Tea bags are also good for bee stings, takes pain and swelling right out

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O yes, my tooth just started aching...I already had many practicals by doc on my teeth, so today when I was checking solution in the web, I ate one clove, and see, no pain a whole clove worked for me...


Regarding the tea bag, it totally worked- I was in so much pain last night late- too late to trouble my dentist! Anbesol, water pick- flossing wasn,t working. I used the tea bag, some ibuprofen, and viola!- no toothache- I slept like a baby. Thanks so much- a lifesaver-really!


thank you for the tea bag remedy!!!!!
it instantly took most of the throbbing away,Can't take pain meds due to other meds.


thank you so much I have read all of the other posts and yours if the best thank you I have been suffering with tooth aches for months and don't have insurance and I was out of exedrin thank you your a life saver


I have had a toothache for sometime and have to wait 2 days until the dentist can see me ... I was looking for a remedy and I tell you what after 20 minutes either amoxocylin is kicking in or you are dead on. I can feel my pain going away by the minute.


reliefs the pain for me :)

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