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I've suffered with rls for about seven years. I use a percussion massager with some success. But the absolute best remedy is marajuana. I don't usually keep it around but when I do it means absolutely no rls. Plus you get to sleep fast.

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Marijuana, once you are over 40-years-old will aggrivate RLS. The high blood sugar state that you are in when you smoke marijuana then drops and causes 'munchies'. If you cannot control your eating then you could get gas and then RLS is unbearable.
Even if you do not eat while affected by marijuana I will get gas and I have the worst RLS of all.
I used to love marijuana in the 70's & 80's but once I turned forty it started to aggrivate my RLS. It affects everyone differently, but as far as RLS, I would rather just not smoke marijuana because it aggrivates RLS to no end.
It was great for Chemotherapy, though.
I loved marijuana when I was young, but now I cannot smoke it unless I want to be miserable.
Also, marijuana as a recreational drug is realy just self medication. As I am older now I know I am happier without marijuana.
RLS cured me of marijuana and I am so much better off. It is not good for your health and mental/spiritual health. Marijuan also if it isn't US prescription, you are supporting drug addicts and heroin addicts and murder and terrorism.


Have RLS for 20 yrs or so. I took ibuprofen and it seems to help but heard that it could mess up your stomach. I've never tried pot and a friend said to try some for my rls. I have never had such a great night of sleep with NO RLS! Tried again months later and again, NO RLS!Illegal or what, it works and should be legalized for medicinal purposes like RLS>


yeah pot might work but not everyone smokes pot.... idk why someone would come on here and put that... its kinda dumb but w/e

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