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I've suffered with rls for about seven years. I use a percussion massager with some success. But the absolute best remedy is marajuana. I don't usually keep it around but when I do it means absolutely no rls. Plus you get to sleep fast.

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Smarter than idiot

Of course smoking Marijuana is going to stop the symptoms of RLS you idiot. It numbs the entire body including your brain. I guess that's why you posted something so stupid because your brain is numb from all the years of smoking it.


But pot isn't legal.I need something legal.


man fuck you ive smoked pot for years it doesnt numb shit it helps you realx a little but its not as if it is some type of narcotic drug that actually affects your body marijuana has basically no harmful affects whatsoever


and it will be decriminalized inside of the next ten years


That first guy is a dumb fuck! It doesn't numb shit!


All I can say is very simple. Marijuana is an herb. The Great Sprit planted it here on Mother Earth to be used for what ever purpose that was deemed necessary. Find an herb book and look up all the medicinal properties. you might be surprised.


My husband has a quite sever case of rls. he has had it for about 15+ becomes so bad sometimes it moves from his legs to his arms and the rest of his body. he has tried everything in the books from over-the-counter meds to pot which the pot just made it worse. he acctually over extended his knees because he was in so much misery. in 2004 he blew out his back, they prescribed norcos which are hydrocodones and he finally found a solution. the problem is, the doctor will not prescribe more than 35 a month due to the fact that they are addictive. he also had to drop our previous family doctor because he woukd not prescribe painkillers for rls. he usually runs out because he sometimes has to take more than one pill to get to sleep and then he ususally doesn't sleep more than 5 or 6 hours. i'd assume that if he didn't drink 8 sodas a day and didnt smoke he would see a drop in the severity of it. he is also quite fit, so weight loss is not necessary. i wish i could find another alternative for his problems. does anyone have the same or similar problem with rls?


I have used small amounts of marijuana to alleviate my RLS and it does work very well. Recently I have had to stop because I am more concerned about the effects of smoking, and am on Mirapex,which is nowhere near as good, and takes hours to work. If smoking doesn't bother you, I would definitely recommend trying it.


Random drug test are done where I work. If I could get around that and possibly get weed I would try it. I would imagine it to be much safer than a lot of medicines. Im desperate and would try just about anything. There are doctors who prescibe marajuan for different illnesses, why not this one?


I used to get RLS bad when I was young, always figured it was from being on the swim team in high school, leg cramps too. Coach said I was dehydrated or 'go eat a bananna and quit yer bitchen!' I started smoking weed pretty steady after high school (about the same time I quit swimming on a regular basis) and it went away. I can say after giving up weed for 5yrs now it has returned full force. Maybe the pot only masks the effects or helps to get you over the sleep threshold easier but it worked flawlessly for me, I just never put the 2 together. I've been reading this forum for awhile and have tried many of the recommended supplements and had little positive results, even tried the witch doctor cures to the same conclusion. Point is, if it works for you screw the critics. You are an adult, right?

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