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I moved to Tn 9 months ago and this spring and summer has been hot, I have never been been bit chiggers, until now, and they sure do love me I heard from my neighbor that you take clorox bleach and spray it on you after you have been out side, the chiggers supposedly jump off, also I found alcohol rub or vinegar is good before you go outside and when you come in.Spray your clothes and shoes with Off spray, try to avoid using it on your skin.Take your clothes before you come back in and remove them if possible outside and shake them, then wash them right away in hot water and dry them
Avoid throwing your clothes in the laundry basket and let them sit till you do laundry again as they can still bite you and others who have put clothes in the basket Avoid hanging your clothes outside as they will jump on them especially on a windy day
Then proceed to a hot soapy shower
I also have found that putting on a dab of Bengay or some other heat cream on the bites brings relief, so does a astringent and listerine rub poured on a face cloth and rub all over you
Also take Claritin or some type of antihistaime helps also a chlorine pool dip
Most of all keep grass and weeds cut short and try to stay out of tall grass, even in the woods
Tuck your pants in boots or shoes with long socks and shirt inside pants if you must be outside
Becareful to brush off if you need to make a bathroom run as they maybe on you and you pull your shirt up or pants down as they can get in the groin area or fall near the toilet or floor and remain there till they find you.
They say prevention is the best medicine, you know what will work for you, experiment soon you will find the best remedy
Good luck and soon it will be fall and the little suckers will be gone

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Gwockamolee Inmyychoos

I find that smashing a few small Mexicans and rubbing them on the bits helps a lot, Mexicans contain a lot of cocaine which helps numb the bites and then the smell of Cumin and the hot pepper juice that makes up their blood kills the chiggers. Or you can crush a few Asians and rub them on the bites, Asians are full of heroin and meth which helps to kill the chiggers.

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