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My son went to our pond and didn't even think about chiggers. When he came home they were not bothering him at first, but 4 oclock in the morning is horrible when your 11yr old is hurting and itching so bad.... We have tried many things, bleach on the bites, sting like crazy, but only give a little bit or relief. The best that we have found is a warm bath with diluted Pine sol in the water, soak for about 10 to 20 minutes, when you get out, pat yourself dry and then apply listerine mouthwash on the bites, it may sting for a bit but so far we have had a peacefull 6 hrs of releif. Thank you to all that have posted on here we have taken two major things and have put them together and it works for us. Also learned that using the dryer sheets helps stop them from getting on you and sulphr!

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Don't bathe in pine sol. Not safe to use household cleaners in such a manner. Duh

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