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damith ggk

this is a home remedy for premature ejeculation . take some pure bee honey and cardamon powder . mix together well and applu on the penis shaft and penis head before one hour of intercourse.after one hour you can do sex as much as you can
i have tested and i always use this methode.

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thats not a very good idea because of all the sugar you could cause your partner an infection.

Jonathan Smith

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Thanks for the remedy. It worked wonders for us. We had been to many urologists and tried exercises and all the stuff and nothing worked. This has helped us regain our married life and would like to thank u from the bottom of our hearts as we had been facing this issue since 9 years. And by the way, people, u can wash up or clean with a wet tissue after an hour of application.


Hi, how long should I keep the mixture on my penis?
Thank you for your remedy, I've been suffering from this for long time, I really pray that your remedy will work.
Please send me the answer to my email in case I miss it here


Thanks for sharing for such a useful post. Hashmi Mughal-e-Azam plus capsule is the best treatment to to deal with premature ejaculation naturally at home.

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