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Suffered with long & repeated bouts of it. Finally came across the treatment of a possibly unrelated fungal disease which a doctor has cured for years with one simple product. So, open your kitchen cabinet: Sodium Bicarbonate - baking soda.
I had the typical sores at the edge of my mouth - gone within a day. Worked overnight. That was many months ago. Had been to the doctor who had given me an anti-fungal cream (at least he had the correct diagnosis) and it did Nothing. Changes in weather, stress & tiredness. Nothing has brought back the sores like I used to have every few months once it started. Just dab some baking soda on the sores with your finger, rub it a bit if you like, let a tiny bit of powder stay in the sore for a short while. You might feel the slightest bit of burning - it goes to work immediately. About a month ago, when overly tired, I thought I felt the very initial sign of reocurrence. A dab of baking soda. Gone. Forgot all those scam sites selling you who knows what. Smile again all the time for a few cents worth of baking soda!

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Baking soda burned which I thought might be good but by the next morning it was definitely worse.

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