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Suffered with long & repeated bouts of it. Finally came across the treatment of a possibly unrelated fungal disease which a doctor has cured for years with one simple product. So, open your kitchen cabinet: Sodium Bicarbonate - baking soda.
I had the typical sores at the edge of my mouth - gone within a day. Worked overnight. That was many months ago. Had been to the doctor who had given me an anti-fungal cream (at least he had the correct diagnosis) and it did Nothing. Changes in weather, stress & tiredness. Nothing has brought back the sores like I used to have every few months once it started. Just dab some baking soda on the sores with your finger, rub it a bit if you like, let a tiny bit of powder stay in the sore for a short while. You might feel the slightest bit of burning - it goes to work immediately. About a month ago, when overly tired, I thought I felt the very initial sign of reocurrence. A dab of baking soda. Gone. Forgot all those scam sites selling you who knows what. Smile again all the time for a few cents worth of baking soda!

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is it suppose to tingle when you apply it also? soo tingle and a wee bit of burning?


I'm trying that right now. I really hope it works. I cant believe people are trying to sell this information for like 60 bucks.


'Have the secret to curing angular chelitis for only $80!' Bullspit. I really hope this is it.


Ok ill try that now, hope it works

Sheik Sulthan

I'm going to try it to my 9yr old daughter, and will post if it works. Thanks for giving this valuable information.


so did it work for anyone?


This did not help.... the burning sensation didn't subside... and it made them worse. I would suggest to avoid this remedy.


Since there seems to be different causes for AC (nutrient deficiency, fungal, bacterial) then this might work for some but not others. Those for whom it works may have one form.


After the doctor perscribed an antibiotic and steroid cream treatment for a week and nothing happened I tried this suggestion I put the baking-soda on my mouth and lips and let it sting for about 10 min then cleaned off - about 1 hour later I noticed a definite change - the next day I say it is about 75% better - Then I did one more treatment on areas still in need and now almost completely gone THANK YOU VERY MUCH


I tried all kinds of things that I read about in here.... and nothing worked. My daughter concluded that it was fungal and I asked my doctor if he was familiar with this. He told me to go to the foot dept. and get Lotrimin as it is generally fungal. Well, let tell you, it worked.

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