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Through the years, I've lost some hearing several times due to wax build up. Each time my doctor's assistant squirts some mineral oil into my affected ear. She squirts pretty hard. Gives me the willies, but it works. Out comes a ball of wax. I've never been able to do this myself successfully. Perhaps I'm too afraid to squirt with vigor?

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Not being shy about squirting harder with the warm water made all the difference for me. I started with an ear dropper with 3% H2O2. Then I flushed gently with warm water. Basically it just completely blocked my ear up and I couldn't hear a thing. After reading this suggestion I went back to the ear dropper with warm water, but this time squirted it with force right into the ear canal. After 2-3 times of this I felt my ear open right up. Then there was this big nasty ball of ear wax that came out (about the size of a pea). What a relief!

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