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So, I've been here time and time again when I've had a toothache; one of my teeth on the right side is basically done for, there's an epic hole in it, but I have no insurance and can't afford to have anything done about it. It's gotten to the point recently where I've been waking up with headaches and ear aches from the pain (it usually tends to get really bad around this time of year.) So, for me, taking a few aspirin works, but I try to space out the days that I take them because it comes ineffective really quickly. But, I'd suggest just brushing really well, picking out anything you might have missed, warm water/salt rinse, mouthwash, and then peppermint oil. That's what I did this time around, and it's worked for the most part, although the peppermint oil isn't as effective. Vanilla extract works pretty well, and I've been having decent luck with swilling cold water on that side, and holding the bottle against my face. For the record, be careful when using peppermint oil; it's extremely numbing, to the point it burns more than numbs. Use a cotton swab to apply it, and expect a burning cheek/lip if your tooth is in the back.

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It's 2:30 am, here I am waiting for the vicodin to work(FML) and I decided to get on my laptop and look up more remedies even though I've been educated on them all since I've been a broken molar victim the last two years. I just got three out in the last two months(FML),my last trip removing two upper right side.The weekend to follow was a diet of percocets and vicodin because one of those was fused to my jawbone,what a biatch to get out.Baby food and yogurt for a week and home made smoothies. Now scheduled for an oral surgeon to take out this beast on my lower right that is broken,no longer exposed and in the gum.I've had the worst luck with teeth since I was pummeled with mass doses of meds prior and following a spinal fusion a few years ago,I truly think it destroyed my back teeth,amen my fronts are still good,I have nightmares of losing them.I saw some understandable descriptions of tooth pain in other posts. I thought it was just me!Anyway, clove oil(cloves),salt water,whisky,ice packs have worked for me. The red cross stuff, that made me want to throw myself off of a bridge without water. That shi^ made it ten times worse for me,were all different. Best bet as stated,a dentist! It's not easy finding one that is human.Forgive my rambling.I'll never forget my first molar that had to be taken out.I was 19 and a girl(still am lol).The dentist walks in room,no assistant.Wearing a long white coat,a mask and an angry attitude.He rushed at the instrument tray,grabbed the pliers,literally leaned against me,one of his knees placed on my leg,he was uttering something under his breathe,grabbed that molar and just ripped that baby out in a second.Put down pliers and rushed out.It happened so damn fast.I'm thinking Doc Holiday at least had something intriguing to say before he pulled a tooth even though he had no license.I saw his dental tools recently in Tombstone at the Birdcage Theater. Anyway,I think my pain has subsided. Happy Independence Day!


for Ihateteeth:
The red cross medicine works great for you teeth you idiot! You must either be old with fucked up teeth or a drug addict with fucked up teeth!

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