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I have been plagued with ingrown toenails for the past few years. I tried to remove the ingrown part of the nail on my own, but I couldn't seem to get the nail clippers down far enough, as the ingrown part was very close to the bottom of my toenail. I went to the podiatrist and he said that there could be a number of causes of ingrown toenails, such as genetics, improper shoe size/fit, or not trimming the nail properly. Sometimes, none of these applies, and it still happens. I just happen to be one of those cases. Anyhow, the options are to try to take care of it yourself by the soak/trim method, or go to a podiatrist (that way you don't risk too much pain or the possibility of an infection). The podiatrist will either cut the nail with a special type of trimmers, and clip off the intruding edge, or there are other options as well. In my case, he injected an anesthetic into my toe in two places, and then cut a straight line down my toenail all the way to the bottom. It takes less than a day to recover, and your problem should be solved for at least a few months. He said it's also possible for a total nail removal, or to inject a chemical to stunt the future growth of nail in that particular area. I understand that this is a home remedy site, so most people probably wouldn't opt for that. Neither would I, personally. But it's definitely something to think about if this is a recurring problem.

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I had the surgery as well. However, it took me more than a day to recover! The anesthetic shot they give in the toe is extremely painful, but the whole surgery was over pretty quick. I was in pain for about a week after. But, on the up side, I haven't had it return!


I've also had the surgery referenced, getting both big toes done at once was a trip. Took a day or two before i could comfortably put on shoes, and three or four days before i could walk without discomfort..... The needles for anesthetic are the most painful part though, not a fun surgery, but I had it 10 years ago, and they haven't come back (chemical growth inhibitor).


I had te surgery done as well,shots were so painfl and they burned, my toe was throbing the rest of the day. it took days to walk normal (wearing open toe shoe in winter) and 2-2 weeks to wear closed toe shoe. It came back less than a year later. mine is too painful to handle pain from home remedies, but I will try the easy ones, if not have to go back to doc :-(


I am 14 and i am very painfully fighting with 3 of those little suckers!!!And beleive me they hurt like heck!!I would give anything to get those dag on things out!!I hate ingrown toenails you wouldn't even know it!!I have ttried and tried and tried so hard to get them out but they just don't budge because it is just way to painful to even take my suck off!!!So that is why i have an appointment the 28th of this month!!Ohh please let them get the dag on things out!!


I had my ankle reconstructed a few years ago & due to the trauma, my big toenail on that foot turned blue & fell off.
That wasn't to big of a deal b/c I was recovering from the surgery.
Once the toenail grew back, I instantly had to get the left side of the big toenail removed. VERY painful process!
That was around 1.5 yrs ago, and to this day, the left side of that nail has been fine.
A few months after the original surgery(I tried all the natural & holistic ways before the surgery), I needed the other side(the right side of my big left toenail)removed.
Both times were extremely painful & my recovery time was over 2-3 weeks each time.
All of the suggestions that the Dr's give(not wearing tight fitting shoes, etc) don't apply for me. I live in a warm enough climate that I can get away with wearing flip flops most of the year.
In the past few days, I've noticed the same toenail on the same side which was surgically removed is infected again. I've been soaking it for 2-3 hours a day in warm Epsom salt. I can't bend the nail back as it is infected way down towards the cuticle.
I'm at wits ends. I can't afford the surgery again, not to mention be off my feet for 2+ weeks.
I'm so frustrated & @ wits end. I know this is more of an inconvenience to most people, but this is so much more for me.
I feel like I'm about to loose it.
If anyone can suggest something other that soaking it, and/or bending it back(it's all the way down @ the cuticle), than please let me know.
Sorry for rambling on, but I guess in the 1/2 an hour it took me to write this, was a 1/2 an hour I wasn't thinking about how much pain I was in.


I also had the surgery but sadly for me I felt every single thing they did. It was the most pain I have ever felt, now my right foot is going through the same thing... :(


I am 14. I had the surgery twice, one awake, one asleep. Both times I had that chemical to stop the nail from growing into the skin. It doesn't work for me. :(

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