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Holland 29

Hi all, I have read all of your comments and I have to say I wish I read up on it before, my boyfriend and I were in Italy last summer and I fell asleep on the beach(idiot) I had put on factor 30 and my boyfriend had gone off to the shops as he was more fair skinned and he couldn't handle the heat. I am quite dark and having lived in Portugal for 4 years I thought I would be fine with a SPF30. 'WRONG' Like the vinegar girl I sleep on my tummy I was asleep for about an hour and a half and a passer by woke me up, needless to say as soon as I woke up I felt it the skin was all tight on my back shoulders, I was gonna go to the doctor however my boyfriend had something called 'udder cream' it's what farmers put on cows udders to stop them getting dried out and infected on the farm - his doctor told him to get it for a skin rash he had - I smeared this on(it smells quite pleasant too) very thick and it did wonders, cooled instantly - with the natural healing products in it it also prevented blisters and kept the pealing to a minimum, I could not believe it I really thought I was gonna have to walk around like a lepper the rest of the vacation. It did need re-applying every so often and the pain was not totally gone but greatly reduced and if like me you would rather have some discomfort in place of all that disgusting peeling which lets face it does nothing for confidence then this is the option. You can get it in nearly all shops, no prescription needed, 'udder cream'!!!

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The 'udder cream' one poster was referring to I believe is Bag Balm. It comes in a green tin.


No It is actually called 'udder cream'. We use it on the farm all the time. It also works on healing skin chafing as well.


Yes, it is actually called 'Udder Cream' - Tattoo artists recommend it for new tats as well... Great product!

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