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I tried many different remedies on here, taking l-lysine, vitamin c, making a lysine paste, ACV, tylenol paste, baths...
I take baths with epson salt, ACV, tea tree oil once a day for ~25 min. I use the Tylenol PM paste technique at night which really helps but during my last OB (which is getting less and less severe) 2 days in i decided to take a chance on the Abbreva, yes i know it's meant for cold sores but anything was worth a shot. I was amazed it completely cleared up in 32 hours after i first applied it, i used it 5 times in 3 hour intervals and then went to sleep and when i woke up i was amazed to see myself almost completely healed.
I am used to extremely bad outbreaks, lasting 10-13 days and spreading to multiple places, then only having about 2 weeks between them. Combining all these remedies cut my OB to a very tiny area and only lasted 3-4 days... i am truly amazed.
I plan on changing up my diet and upping my intake of vitamins and lysine, hopefully over time my OB will become much father apart and less severe.

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I posted the tylenol pm and abbreva remedy!... Thank you for letting them know how they worked for you and as I tried to explain before, yes abbreva is for cold sores which is herpes anyway! And if this is safe for a persons mouth then its not going to hurt down there!... But I'm glad they worked for you! If you ever get another outbreak start using these as soon as the first itch! Don't wait until it becomes too sore! Once again... I'm glad you feel better!


I've been using this 'remedy' now for about 3 days. I'm atleast 7 days into an outbreak that has just gotten worse. I used tea tree and lavender oil initially as the OB progressed and finally decided to use the tylenol pm paste. Everyone seems to have such great results with this but my out break has spread since its onset. I'm six months pregnant and tend to have outbreaks right outside of my perineum ( I currently have 4 blisters on one side and one forming on the other) My question is how long should I use this paste before deciding it doesn't work? Tylenol is ok for me to use while pregnant I just don't want to over do it daily.


For the one who wats to know how long to use tylenol pm before deciding its not working...... If you make the paste full and thick enuff you should be able to cover your area and feel releif! The thing with tylenol pm is, it numbs!(The drug in it that puts you to sleep is what eases the itch and pain. When used correctly your sores should start scabbing(drying up). At the most you should notice a change within two to three days. Remember it has to be completely covered in paste! It may take more than three crushed pills if severe outbreak is active. My suggestion to a person with more than two blisters is to by abbreva and apply!.... Now this is actually better than tylenol pm. I promise you!!!.... It is a cream cold sore medicine and painless!.... If you don't mind spending around fourteen or so on a small tube.... You should try it!.... Always remember, an outbreak should not be treated with oils or anything that will leave your area moist! You need something that will dry it up. This is what abbreva and tylenol pm do. Your area has to stay dry!!! The best affect will take place when you apply at night! And sleep bare without undergarments if you can. You can also use during the day too! Just keep area dry and don't wipe when you urinate just dab!.... I posted the tylenol and abbreva remedy only because I know it works! I do not take anything orally nor do I use these with any other remedies. My clear up was 3 days with the first day being the worst! I also said that it is best to start this remedy at first sign of outbreak! The worst an outbreak is the longer it may take!!!! Just make sure you coat yourself real good. And don't be discouraged if you feel a lil burn, lay down with legs open and it will start to numb! I promise!


the ingredient in tylenol pm that you were speaking of that stops burning and itching is bendryl, so why couldnt you just use that? any reason? does the tylenol do anything?


I am about to try the paste that is talked about. But i have a question. Have any of you had a line of small bumps appear on the inside walls of the vagina by the opening? on both walls? I had this problem apear about a month ago. i had an outbreak and my dr. swiched me to Valtrex. The outbreak went away in a normal amount of time all except these little bumps.since they were just right by the whole, using protection, me and my husband made love. It burned really bad during. the next day they didnt get worse they just stayed the same. I waited and they didnt go away. I have dieted and tried but they never went away. After a month i soat help and found this site. I tried the abreva. i used it every 30 minutes for an entire day. the bumps are right by the opening whole of the vagina. the abreva didnt really work :( so im going to try the paste and a vinigar the reason the abreva didnt work is bc its on the inside and the bumps were not kept dry enough to dry up? the abreva worked for two small bumps that apeared on the outside lips but i just dont know what to do. any advice?


I had my first break out in almost 10yrs....I'm under a lot of stress with having cancer....The last bout with Cancer was terrible-----I need help with my break out....

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