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Pine sol is TOXIC TO CATS!! Any product containing phenols or pine oil (basically anything ending in -ol) should NEVER be used on or around cats! Please protect your sweet ones and google any product you are going to put in or on them, or even use near them.

I think the flea comb is a great weapon in the war against these bugs. It makes your pet much more comfortable as you try the nematodes or other remedies for your home and yard (please try to be nontoxic!). Flea combs, which are special fine-toothed combs made just for this purpose, are sold at pet supply stores and online. I recommend getting the type with a long handle instead of the type that is all teeth- the ones with the handle are easier to wrangle.

Get a dish or pan of water and put a drop of detergent into it (the soap breaks the tension on the surface of the water so the fleas will drown faster). As you comb the fleas out of your friend's coat, you use your fingernail to scrape them off of the comb and onto the surface of the water. This grooming is similar to what a mother animal does for her young, so it can be a great bonding time for you and your pet. They know you are looking after them, and you get the contact and the satisfaction of knowing that without putting anything poisonous or harmful onto them you have made your pet more comfortable. My indoor-outdoor cats have come to really enjoy the combing time we share- they roll over to help me get their stomachs, stretch their arms up to help me reach the pits, etc. They really seem to like it- and it's funny but I do too. Takes a few minutes every few days but it's so worth it!

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I had a small dog, 2 large cats, and 3 small kittens and they ALL got fleas. Here is the problem with this... FLEAS RUN!!! Plus, the dog didnt stay still long enough for me to comb him, the cats didnt let me get their pits (which is where ALL the fleas ran to when I started combing) and the kittens wouldnt let me comb them at all! The best solution I have found (which I know you are not suppose to do to kittens) is take a TINY (very very very small) amount of flea bath to the kittens (normal amount to cats and dogs) and wash them once... for kittens you are using a TINY amount for, use twice... but make sure to wait an hour or two before doing it a second time... you do not want to put the poor little guy into shock! It IS dangerous to use flea shampoo on kittens, but its alot safer than death due to flea anemia!

Heather. New Zealand.

Thank you soooo much for such a simple inexpensive treatment. I went out an purchased a $2 nit comb from the chemist. My Burmese cat just purrs so loudly and the fleas were dislodged and into the soapy water. No fuss. We both enjoy the procedure. Grooming and defleaing at the same time. No more costly Frontline which does't seem to work any more for her. A regular routine now.


For fleas that run or jump, use chapstick and dab them with it on the animal...they can't move! Good tip i found here on this site. I also use borax in the carpets and vaccuum and wash floors with lemon oil. I have 7 cats and one tiny dog, it works well in combo with dawn dishsoap and flea is a good bonding time I agree...they all wait their turn and purr loudly when it is. The dog is getting used to this procedure. I don't usually have problems, but moved into a house with a previous flea infestation and I was left to deal with...ugly but it is what it is...i refuse to put chemicals or pills in my animals...

Kimberly Irwin

If you are having a problem with your dog or cat having allergies,and you are seeing them chew bald spots,my vet recommended using baby butt cream,it's not expensive and will not harm your pet if they lick it.I used this on my own pet and she was healed within a week.Just rub a amount of cream on spot where they are chewing and I am so sure your pet will thank you!You don't need to buy most expensive.kimberly

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