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I had a terrible ear infection in my inner ear(swimmers ear). I used garlic capsules, break them open and sqeeze out the gel inside into a very small container, then mix it with either olive oil or an over the counter ear ache reliever mix until thin then pour all of it into infected ear,let it sit in ear for about 5 min. then drain, may take a day or two but it will feel so much better.

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Garlic and olive oil work well however in severe cases I may need to see the Dr and get good old antibiotic.


I totally agree with the garlic oil gel caps!! But I don't understand why you are mixing with other stuff. Just prick the end of the garlic oil capsule with a pin and squeeze it directly into your ear.

Careful though, my wife won't sleep in the room with me when I do it. It's pretty strong smelling stuff!

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