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Allison Witcher

I have suffered from restless leg syndrome for years. Finally one day a few years ago it occured to me that maybe if my legs were restless I should fatigue them. So, whether I'm in bed or on a plane, when my legs get restless, I find a way to fatigue them. Sometimes I just stand against a wall and lower myself to an almost sitting position. Hold this pose for as long as possible. Your quadriceps will start to burn. Hold it for as long as you can stand it. Rest for a minute and then do it again. I have found that this fatigues my muscles and I almost always have immediate relief. At night, I can usually go right to sleep after doing this technique. Sometimes I just stand next to my bed and bend my knees enough to engage my leg muscles.

If I'm in a movie theater or on a plane and I can't get out of my seat, I just lift my legs (one at a time) so my foot is several inches off the ground and hold that for as long as I can stand it. It may take a little longer this way, but it still eventually fatigues the muscle and relieves the restlessness.

Let me know if this works for anyone else!

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I agree making your legs tired helps a lot!


Doing things like stretching them etc..helped me in the beginning until my symptoms worsened. Then no amount of stretching or 'fatigueing' them worked. You are one of the lucky ones. I have had to resort to medicaiton, but I no longer have sleepless nights. I'm glad this works for you!!!


When I was pregnant, my symptoms were wayyyy worse! My doctor told me that 'back in the day', they used to prescribe Quinine for RLS!! I think they used that to treat malaria at one time, but its not something they use anymore!!!! Thank goodnesss.....BUT..because I was pregnant, I didnt have any medication options. He suggested I get 'Quinine Water'... which is basically selzer water. I has no flavor, it is bitter. I think 'Canada Dry' makes it.

What I did to make it taste better, was I got it reallly cold, and mixed cherry Kool-aid powder with it for a better flavor. You need to drink the whole thing, which was hard some times, but I had fast results with it.

Unfortunately, my symptoms worsened and after my baby, medication was necessary.


rls is not ur muscles its ur nerves!!


Muscles and nerves are all connected


I will try this and let you know , I suffer very bad and it makes me very mad,


I finalliy realized my sleep problems are, at the root, caused by RLS. After a few weeks of misery to the point of insanity, I found this site. At that point i had been getting up in the middle of the night and hitting the stair master. Yep, changing into workout clothes at 3am and working out for a half hour helped! When I found this site this esact post was the newest one at the time. I was shocked when I read it b/c its how I felt! So i dropped the full workouts and since June have been getting the best sleep of my life doing different types of leg bends right before bed, and then occasionally through the night. Before bed I go out to the top of the stairs and do one leg at a time until it feels fatigued. takes 2-3 mins. then i sleep for a few hours. soon as i feel I'm fighting the RLS I wake myelf up and go back to the stairs. have done it standing over my sons's crib, camping in the woods, etc. Now, unfortunately, like others on here my RLS is so bad its not working. But definitely try this since its free and takes a few mins. you have to fatigue the muscles in your legs that get the pain, to the point of burning.


Agree, fatiguing muscles does work as does pummeling them with your fists/knuckles as well. I used to do knee bends etc, but these will wear your joints. Standing in a very crouched pose is best for minimizing joint strain and achieving the muscle fatigue. Theory is the fatique/lactic acid build up, or pain has to reconnect/rechannel the nerves so they quick freaking out uncontrollablly. Almost like rebooting a computer...


fatigue does seem to work. My daughter (it's sooo genetic!) does a dozen leg lunghs and it really helps. I do a few yoga positions which work the legs and it helps. Usually! This thing sure does worsen with age -- rather discouraging.


didn't work for me--wish it did!!!

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