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I've had ear infections my whole life. I've used home remedies, and also had to see a doctor as my ear infections can get rather serious. When I was younger, a teaspoon of warmed sweet oil (really any oil may work) into the ear covered with a warm damp compress while lying on the opposite ear usually worked the best.

The best advice a doctor gave me was to clean my ears now and then with hydrogen peroxide especially when I think I may be getting another infection. His directions, pour a cap-full into my ear, lying on the opposite ear, let it bubble like crazy for about 10 minutes no matter how badly it bothered me, drain and repeat. He stressed to very gently rinse out the peroxide using a baby bulb and warm water, not actually sticking the bulb into my ear. Then, dampen a Q-tip with vinegar and swab the inside of my ear.

After loosing hearing in my right ear for a month, this did the trick immediately and a large piece of wax came out of my ear. He explained that the peroxide helps breaks everything up and the vinegar helps to stop mold/mildew growth due to excessive moisture in the ears. He said to do this after swimming or any other time I get water in my ears.

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