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For starters I just want to say that it probably takes a preson who's ever experienced the miserable agony of a bad case of poison ivy / oak / sumac to appreciate some of these remedies. To a person who's never experienced this agony, the various remedies on this list probably seem waaaaaay out there to them.

Lucky for me I have not yet needed to try all of these remedies. So far I've only tried the clorox method and it worked good and fast. As needed I might try some of the other suggestions, like the Pine Sol, or rubbing alcohol, or salt / Epsom Salt, or Lysol ,or Vicks Vapor Rub.

Some advice: even though several people have reported good results using undiluted clorox, I strongly advise that. At a minimum I advise people use a 50-50 mix of cool water and clorox. Even at this I would not bath in clorox, diluted or not. This might change if I had a really bad case spread all over my body, in which case a full tub soak might be required. Recently I had a new crop of blisters breaking out after I'd just spent a whole month getting rid of poison ivy the orthodox medical way (prednisone ! : ( and I was in no mood for going down that route again. Fortunately the new crop was contained to a severl inch patch on one arm. All I did was use the clorox diluted as described, then applied with a cotton ball. The first time I dabbed the cotton ball and then put on arm and let the clorox sit there. I barely felt anything, but then rinsed real good with running water. A few hours later I did a second time, and this time around I got a definite tingle / burn. Then I did a third treatment about 4 hours later and this time a serious burning sensation began within seconds. I left the clorox on my arm for only a minute or so and then rinsed real well with cold running water. By the next morning the new blisters were gone and replaced by many red splotches... I've never had poison ivy go away this fast before! ... and I'm not sure how good of an idea it is to use a knife or razor blade to scrape open the blisters prior to applying clorox or pine sol or rubbing alcohol or jewell weed or ( name your grease-cutting cleaner of choice ).... but I guess as long as people use this method without getting an a bad blood / skin infection, more power to them !

Some other advice about the hot water, there seems to be nearly an even split on whether this is a good thing to do or bad. I'm thinking that both sides are in part correct. As long as the offending oil ( Urushiol) is still on the skin, it is probably a bad idea to soak in hot water as this may spread the rash and make it worse. The thing is, since the oil is basically invisible, there is no easy way to know for sure if / when it has all been washed away. If / when it is all washed away, then that is probably the time to start using hot water...and yes, I know from being an eczema sufferer, there is nothing like the euphoria ( about 3 seconds worth) that comes from running really hot water over top of the itch.

Good luck and thanks to all who posted these far out home remedies!

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Clorox is a really bad idea. Causes severe skin damage, and does no good anyway.


listen to this poison ivy sufferers.. The clorox method does work. I have had this affliction many times and Im here to say that the poeple out there using calamine, oat baths, wasting a copay on prednisone etc... are pansies. Get some steel wool, scratch it up really good (because its the last revenge you get on this rash) pour straight up clorox on that thing and enjoy the burn. you will unfortunatley have to kill most of an evening after work dabbing and repouring said bleach on the affected area because the oils will run. Wear a long sleeved shirt to bed, long pants etc... and you be a more improved person the next day... promise!

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