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Both my little sister and my children suffer from stomachaches brought on by nothing more then nerves. The biggest relief that they have found is not in pink syrups or drinking funny tasting concoctions- its love. They come up complaining about bellyaches, and snuggle up in my shoulder and I read to them and rub their backs, and after a while they feel ready to go again. This only works well if we know its nerves, though. Like, a school test, or leaving for camp or some other anxiety producing thing, though even ' I ate too much candy' bellyaches are soothed by gentle back rubs.

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this has no medical value whatsoever? we need a remedy when your stomach hurts from actual problems...


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My husband had a terrible belly ache so I applied some cvs brand topical love ointment and he turned back into a baby. Can you believe it? To love a man half his life only for him to turn back into a baby.


whats wrong with you people....
stomach ache can be caused by differents factors. The obvious is bacteria.... but it can also be the nervous system. As a mother i have been massaging my little boy tummy in clock-wise circles every time he complains about his stomach. It usually gave him relief and relaxed him at the same time.
Now if you have a bad bacteria it will not do anything..
This forum is about natural remedies for stomach ache....and this is one.

because you dont think this is real or because you have a bacterial infection and cant get rid of it by massaging does not mean this remedy will not work for others...try to be more open-minded.

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lay on a comfortable bed lay on your stomach pull your shirt up just a little bit so you can feel your bare stomach put your hands on your stomach in different directions one to the right one to the left it'll sooth it hope you feel better soon


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You people are so rude. Really, the remedies on this website don't have to have any 'medical value', they're simply easy remedies that you can try at home.
If you don't think this remedy will work, then fine. But you don't have to be so mean, especially to a woman who is just trying to help other people cure their kids' stomach aches. In my opinion, love is the best cure for anything.

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