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I am a Real Estate agent in a rural area and have to show land properties so I'm exposed to chiggers a lot. I'm going to give you second hand info that another agent gave me that works. After being covered in over 150 bites, she was talking to a chiropractor the next day and mentioned it. He told her to take a hot bath as hot as she could stand it and pour 1/2 a bag of Epsom Salt in the bath. Then the next day, do the same thing with the other half bag of Epsom Salt. She said that the Epsom Salt draws out the poison that the Chigger injects into the skin. She said that she recovered in just a couple of days versus the 2 or 3 weeks that is a normal recovery for her. I haven't tried it yet but I will the next time. I am also told by more than one person that Listerine relieves the itch instantly.

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georgia hunter

I live in rural Georgia on a farm I own. One thing we we do is drink 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar each night (any vinegar will work). I have not had a chigger bite in over 5 years (since starting the vinegar consumption). There is no need to continue drinking vinegar after the first frost of the year (provided you don't get 2 weeks of 75+ degree weather). I usually begin drinking (consuming) vinegar again about late march (once it heats up again) and continue until late October (here in georgia).

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