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Ok. I have what I would term mild cases of RLS and nearly every night. In the past, it happened while on roadtrips or in an airplane while I was tired. Now it's progressed to nearly an everynight occurrence. Last year I was having chronic headaches and tried different things. Finally a neruologist prescribed gabapentin (600mg) to take one each night before bed. Well that actually does the trick for both headaches and RLS. I think most of the headaches were due to anxiety and stress. I've been trying to layoff of the gabapentin so now only taking 1/2 pill ea night. Talked to the doc about it and said there's got to be something more natural for my nervous legs so he suggested Melatonin. Started taking some of that rather than the gabapentin. First night or two it didn't do much good, but I think I'm starting to have some success with being able to get sleep through the night. The neruologist also suggested some iron supplement so I'm starting to pop that. Believe he stated that the melatonin helps regulate some sleep patterns, and I think he said the iron will help possibly help curb the headaches.

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I started taking Melatonin to help with sleep and that is when I started noticing the RLS being more frequent. The Melatonin definitely helps with my sleep, but it's the initial falling asleep that has been difficult. I read about the iron too and just started taking it last night.


gabapentin works on me too =) i'm out tho, and looking for a more natural way..Because when you run out, at least when i run out, i have withdrawls and the rls seems to be 10x worse

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