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This works! I was hesitant to try it but my doctorsuggested it to me. Take 3 magnesium with bone health each night. You can buy these at wal mart in the vitamin section. I take them each night. It is unreal how they work!!!

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Will try this tonight and report back...


Didn't work for me....second night...:0(

I've tried Ultram Valium,Xanax,NOTHING has worked


i think zanax or valium would make it worse..stay away from things that induce sleep


I'm gonna try this, I have arthritis on my lower lumbar spine, and spurs also. Bone is possibly deteriating. RLS i get one in a while. I notice I get it when I don't move around much especially when I'm sick. Thanks, I'll try this remedy =*)


Thanks i will definately try this! Right now i am ready to try anything, as i have been up for 3 days and feel like im going to go insane!! And as far as sleep aids, i was prescribed klonapin which made matters so much worse, becaue then i will be so extremely tired, but can't fall asleep d/t rls!

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