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Ecstatic Believer

IT REALLY WORKS! I read on this site about taking 500mg of fishmox, which is amoxicillin... to get rid of the infection, and a separate remedy for soakig tea bags in hot water and then holding on the affected area. I have no insurance and have been trying to find a dentist who will let me make payments to them GOOD LUCK with face, ear and jaw were on fire with pain. Nothing is worse than pain that resides in your head! ANY way... THANK YOU A BILLION to the two people who told us about it, because i tried both things together and for the first time in a week, have some relief! A LOT of relief, in fact, after just a few hours after the tea bag treatment, it's amazing. It helped within 15 minutes of putting the tea bags on the area. I used one bag on each side of the affected tooth. IT IS FANTASTIC and really works.. I also took 2 excedrin for pain, since I had taken the limit of aleve and it did NOTHING to help with pain. Try this everyone...if it doesnt' work for you, at least you tried.. it sure worked for me!

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except you could have screwed yourself by using hot tea bags. Heat causes infection to spread. Just wetting the tea bag is usually enough. And..amen to fishmox!

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