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Ok I had a tooth needed a root canal. Horrid pain, no insurance. I live on Omaha, NE but have a small town dentist I see who is about 45 min away. I sugest you find one. He charges very little compared to normal dentist whole root canal about $100 and he lets me make payament. But for relief incase you cant do that! CLOVES the stuff the dentist uses to numb me after the work has extract of cloves as the numbing agent! But there is more to this story. After opening me up and draining it a bit he put a cotten ball with that cloves stuff in it and put in temp filling. (never let them do that) My face swelled up like a baloon as the infection filled my tissue. He even admited he should have left it open when I called and asked what was going on. (apprently if there is little infect you can close it back up, but mine had more than a little.) He opened it and a lot of the pain went away till that night then it got bad again. I crushed up some cloves put in a paper towel, wet it warm water, and put it on the tooth. I then took a hot shower, don't think the shower helps the pain but it takes your mind off it. 30 minutes later the pain is nearly numb. I put rice in a sock and nuked it for heat on my face and that was the end of the pain.
So I suggest:
1) Find a small town dentist work with them on a payment plan.
2) Cloves will really numb the pain, takes a while though.
3) Hot shower to take your mind off the pain
4) Hot rice pack
5) Alieve/Ibeprophin/asprin -- It Can't Hurt!!!!

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