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One thing that works wonders for me when I have an infection, is this:
I buy one of those cheap plastic douche thingys, put about 30 drops of tea tree oil and 30 drops of eucalyptus oil, then fill it up with water, and douche, it burns a bit, but its a pleasant burning feeling after the 'other burning!! I do this a couple time and its gone!

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Tea tree is great because its naturally anti bacterial and anti fungal etc. Eucalyptus is as well, BUT Eucalyptus essential oil should never be applied to the skin pure...yes I know you're mixing it with water but water is not a sufficient carrier because the oil will not emulsify with the water...and just float. Be careful when applying essential oils to the skin-only Lavender and Tea tree can be applied directly to the skin pure and even when doing should always use caution...Especially when you're applying it internally.

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