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drink a glass of warm milk it starts soothing almost imedatly then went youre
done lay on your back and rub your stomach in a circal movement feel better!

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this solution may compound the problem for those of us who are lactose intolerant


well then they would think of something else

briana L.L

it works so good thanks


Milk curdles when you are sick, I am sick today and I drank milk thinking it would help, but I ended up vomiting.

Liberty,(age 10!)

My grandpa taught me a healing power point for stomach aches. If you have any fingernails',take one, and put it in the middle of your lip and nose. MAKE SURE TO USE YOUR FINGERNAIL! press down on it until it hurts. Keep pressing for about one to two minutes. If your stomach ache is not gone by the time you have done it three or more times, discontinue to do this. Make sure that it is only when you have a stomach ache


Warm milk when you have an upset stomach? Man that's just stupid! Its just gonna make things worse. You'll most likely lose it and puke....not fun!

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