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I have a service animal that had been on frontline plus for years. I had 2 be away from her for awhile and had to leave her with friends. during that time she was not treated for fleas. When I got my dog back she was infested with fleas. I called my mom and she came over to the rescue. I stand 100% by her remedy.... 1/2 cup name brand Pine-Sol and 1/2 cup of name brand Pantene mixed well. This is also good for your pets dry skin as well. Best Wishes From An Animal Lover.

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Pine sol is TOXIC TO CATS! Any product containing pine oil or phenols (basically anything ending in -ol) should NEVER be used on or near cats!! Please take care of your sweet ones and google ANY product you might put on or in them or use near them.

Paul M

To the author of this comment.
When you say use 1/2 cup of name brand pantene are you refering to the shampoo? I live in Florida and the ticks here are terrible. I have two dogs. A golden that I shave down during the summer months and I can control 99% of his ticks with a Tick collar,Fea and tick shampoo and monthly drops as well as a flea comb.
My other dog is a neufondland. Unfortunatly I can't completely shave her down. I've got her hair cut as shot as possible but she still has a large amount of ticks that I can't get rid of even though I use the same treatments as the other dog. I have to keep the dogs in the garage at nights until I gt rid of all the ticks. I just started using pinesol and water to scrub the garage floor with which seems to do a good job of killing the ticks, but I'm a little worried about appling pinesol directly onto my dogs.


any human shampoo will dry out and even cause your dogs skin to have a reaction because the PH balance isn't the same as dog shampoo and it will throw off the dogs body, causing anything from bad tear stains to ear infections. I work as a dog groomer and any dog shampoo, not needing to be flea and tick, if left on the dog for at least five minutes, it will suffocate the fleas and they will die. start around the face and base of the tail first, because fleas will go into the ears or anus to hide (gross i know).


I never knew they would crawl up in the animals behind. I am grossed out. Next bath time I will certainly start near the tail end since I see fleas in that area more than other places.

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