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Hey guys, I have a home remedy that may work for you, Me personaly to get rid of my pimples I use plaine white Crest toothpaste, I put it on at night and my pimples are little to gone by the morning and if I find one in the morning I put a little on just to reduse the redness and usually by the end of the day it has dried out so I can take it out or just disapears. It works for my Skin maybe it will work for yours. Good Luck!

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i feel ya dude i do that to that night i put that great vaule toothpaste on the big oooooo hills in lumps and bumps than i put toliet paper on top so my dog do lick it off wen i am sleep ya feel me lol but wen i wake up it be gone to story no lie real 'G' shit


hey do u rinse the toothpaste off or sleep with it


can it be any kind of tooth paste? how about colgate?


it can be colgate but the white one not gel


Do you wash it off in da morning???


The toothpaste remedy does work to dry out the pimple, but you also risk burning your skin. The burn looks way worse than the pimple.


plz dont apply this remedy


sulfer , its what the activate ingredients that help pimples ! so just by the sulfer mask and wash your face real hard and good !

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