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I too suffer with Angular cheilitis, had dry flaking lips for years before any open sores developed, but when they did, it was with a vengance. I now have the open sores healed, but the lips and corners of the mouth are still very sore/tender. I was wondering if this is a permanent thing a person has to deal with??? Will they ever feel normal again, or once you have AC, is it always there and ready to flare up again??? I'd appreciate any comments.

The therapy I used was the dish washing soap, a prescription anti bacterial & anti fungal from my Dr. The anti bacterial was very expensive and one used to fight tough infections such as staph

I sure can relate to the drooling, and sure wished there was an explaination for that, as I never used to have that problem. Mine is not only at night, but anytime during the day, it'll happen. I'm a 70 y.o. man and contribute it to the muscles in the face not being as taunt and the sagging, almost permanent frown resulting from that. At any rate I try to keep smiling, even though it's a trial. I certainnly don't have any abundance of saliva, just wished it would stay inside my mouth. Dick

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vitamin B shortage causes this! whenever I have this problem I use a Stress B for Women Supplement for 1 or 2 days and I am good, no more problems!


Hi Everyone. Thanks Dee for the info on vitaman B. I began taking a vitaman B complex that I buy at Costco and it has really helped. The corners of my mouth have finally healed up although quite tender, it's something I can live with. I can really tell if I miss a couple days doseage. I finally discovered that I had Actinic Cheilitis for years from sun exposure & just chalked it up as dry chapped flakey lips. In turn it developed into Squamous Cell Carninoma on the lip, which the information I got about Actinic Cheilitis is exactly what happened.


drooling may be a sign of Parkinson's.


For the drooling, if you put Vaseline on, and at night around your mouth, you can create a water barrier, and hopefully this will help relieve some soreness and pain.


I don't know if you wear dentures, but if you do, they help create the condition favorable to AC... since the mouth is not aligned properly, excess saliva escapes via the mouth corners (especially at night) ~ and the constant wetness gives rise to fungal-type problems. The solution is keep the areas dry, which is very hard to do.

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