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Vaginal anti-fungal medications only work on some types of athletes foot...
If you have athletes foot with cracks or open, raw spots from itching the skin off, other bacteria can get in there.
Yeast infections are common complications of athletes foot infections. If your athlete's foot is oozing or pussing, it might be a yeast infection.
In that case, vaginal creams will do wonders.
If it's not a yeast infection and just regular athlete's foot, it could possibly make the infection worse because the cream is designed to kill yeasts, not fungus.
Anyways, I hope this helps.

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My son has athletes feet and I had him soak his feet in generic brand of listerine. Not diluted. He soaked for about 15 mins and it took away the smell and the redness. You can get the generic listerine at dollar stores or at discounted stores for cheap.


Yeast is a fungus too


My athletes foot was not oozing or pussing, just the standard thick dry flaking skin, but it worked for me after trying everything else.


I just did the vaginal cream and automatically the itching is gone! It was equate brand vaginal cream just incase anyone wants to try

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