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I am a 19 year old female and I was diagnosed with HPV about 6 months ago. I felt so ashamed and stupid. My doctor applied acid to the infected area but it didn't help much so I started googling remedies. Many sites mention vinegar and acidy foods like pineapples and tomatoes. Well, I figured I would try KETCHUP and it is a major success. It is a combination of tomatoes and the vinegar so it gives double the treatment. My warts have disappeared and so far haven't came back. Hope this helps!

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hi does this really owrk and get rid of them im a male and i have a lot of them big and small could u explain to me how u did it so i can try please write back thanks

no namEe

Does it matter wat brand of ketchup you use?


i'm serious.i just want to know what particular brand of ketchup. please reply asap, i want to have these warts removed.thanks a lot.


I'm just posting to respond back to my first suggestion of using ketchup to say that my warts still haven't returned after all this time! To answer some of your questions, I just applied it directly on the warts then rinsed it off a little later. I didn't apply anything after rinsing it, only made sure to keep area dry. Wish you all the best!

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