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I'm 21 years old and was diagnosed with hpv two months ago. I went for my yearly and let my doctor know I had a bump and I had no idea what it was. Well sure enough there was more than I thought. I had office treatment which was the acid to burn them off!!!! Well it hurt and it worked. They fell off but sure enough a few weeks later they were back and worse. I went and bought the apple cider vinager and decided to only try it on a few near the top. Well so far after one night of a soaked cotton ballbof the a c v they have started to almost get soft and fall off. I'll admit this wasn't pleasant and pain free I burns quite a bit. But if I continue to do this as everone says and it truely works I'm gonna be a happy girl. I'm just worried I'd they never go away and keep getting worse I'll never lead a normal sex life again. And that's what I don't want to happen. Any suggestions because the last thing I want is to eventually meet someone and never be able to have a sex life because I'm scared of spreading this.

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Its not that youll never have a normal sex life again..its just gonna have to be protected sex every time from now on. Men can get HPV also. It dosent have the same effect on men as it does us women but they can get it. And of course they can get the GW too. My doctor told me to just keep my immune system up and healthy to fight the virus. It will never go away but you can keep them from coming out. Take vitamins and make sure you eat well and get enough rest. Stress can also hurt your immune system. Its actually one of the unhealthiest things your body can go through. So just try to keep your immmune system strong and your less likely to get a breakout of them!


Go to the doctor, get the Shots, ask to have them cauterized(Burned off) and continue to treat immediatly as and when they appear. Its clinically proven that continued treatment and the HPV shots combined can ensure that you live a happy sex life. Although incurable to an extent its manageable. Protective sex does not prevent the spread of them so go to a specialist STD clinic and get treated


I had HPV for two years, the warts AND the cancerous cells on my cervix. The virus DOES leave your body after a certain period of time, shorter for some and longer for other. A reduction in genital warts does not mean that the virus is gone, but I've had clean pap smears for a year, and my doctor said that it is over. So yes, you may be infectious for a couple years, and you should tell your sexual partners before engaging in any kind of sexual behavior. But, it will eventually go away. Ask a doctor, I promise.


i tried vinegar n i got burned n lots of bumps came out too.. are these bumps normal or am i breaking out wit more warts??? please help...

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