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Hello everyone I have had a toothache for the last several days. I have tried all of the listed remedies vanilla extract,listerine rinse,orajel,red cross, salt and pepper paste, peroxide, vics vapor rub,motrin 800mg and even midol . I really didn't get any relief.Anyway, I have no insurance and no job I was in so much pain I used my rent money to see the dentist(walk-in) $90.00 for an exam and was told I have an abscess I have to take an antibiotic for atleast two days then he will pull my tooth which is going to cost me $205.00 believe me I know it's hard out here and everyone cant afford the cost (I can't even pay my rent now) but an abscess is a very bad infection not one to play with you really don't want the poison to get into your blood stream and travel. Now that I have the antibiotic in my system I apply pressure to my jaw when I lay down that seems to help a little.

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Kim I would suggest you apply for help at for your rent and the dentist straight away. They help with needs up to $1000 per lifetime and you don't want to be evicted. We ran into the same situation as you previously and ended up homeless. Good luck. Karen Townsend


I am a landlord and I would highly recommend sending a note explaining everything to your landlord right away. Make it very clear that you want to make good on your obligation to pay the rent but may have trouble - mention the modest needs website so they know you are trying. They probably rely on your payment to make their mortgage payments. If the rent just doesn't appear, it looks really bad - if you are doing due diligence and have a good track record, they are likely to give you a little slack. Perhaps you could pay a part of it early, so they know you are serious.

Always communicate in writing and get their agreement in writing as well. If they try to evict you, the judge will only look at what is in writing that both of you have signed. Most careful landlords never rent to anyone who's been evicted, and you don't want to end up renting from a slumlord in the future! Good luck!
Good luck!

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