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too good of a tooth ached sister

Ughh soo i've had this tooth ache for a few weeks now and you're probably all wondering why I haven't gone to the dentist? well, my brother is terrified of the dentist so if I complain i have to go, he'll get an appt. too, so ive tried everything.. its not even a tooth ache its a rotten, broken, tooth.. the first thing i saw on this website was vanilla extract, and being 15 years old, this was really all i had available at 1 o'clock in the morning. and it worked.. so far. but i am now keeping a bottle of it on my nightstand because i cant take these 3 am wake up calls any longer.

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wow, i wish i would have read this last night when i was up until 5am and just passed out from exhaustion. i used the vanilla extract on a q-tip and the pain INSTANTLY went away. its slowly coming back now but wow! and it doesn't taste as gross as the oral med's.


Vanilla worked for me. Thanx

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