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I have tried so many things for abscessed tooth pain from vanilla extract, orajel, red cross, whiskey, lime, water/salt, etc. and nothing has worked.

BUT I finally found my winning remedy that keeps the pain away for weeks and instantly as soon as it hits my infected tooth. What is it? Believe it or not Chloraseptic Sore Throat Lozenges, Honey-Lemon. I SWEAR it WORKS.

All you have to do is put the lozenges near the tooth were it hurts (on the side of the tooth) and keep it there until it melts away on his own. The tricky part of this is you also have to do it on the other side of the tooth -- near the mouth/tongue which can be harder for the lozenges to stay put. However, as long as you do it on one side, the pain goes away. You will start to feel relief right away or when the lozenge dissolves. I recommend you do this through out the day even it doesn't hurt. You will feel relief right away. So, if you cannot see a dentist right away this will give you time (weeks/month). At first it was silly but believe me it works. TRY IT!!

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