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As a child I had boils almost as quickly as one would pop another would start. An elderly lady in our church told my mother that if she would feed me raisins daily, even if it is just a teaspoon full I would never have boils again.
Since I loved raisins she let me have as much as I wanted, I am now 62 and have never had another boil, and I only eat raisins occasionally now.

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I eat raisins daily and I do believe I'm starting my second boil of my life (age 50). The first one was 14 months ago. I thought it was a zit, squeezed it and let's just say learned the hard way that I had a boil. Never even knew what a boil was before that.

I'll keep eating raisins, because I like them, and hope that it helps keep boils away.


This is so true,my dad told me about the raisins and it does work..worked for him and myself

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