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This is the best combination I have tried so far. After I get home from work and in the morning before I get ready, I rub kiwi fruit on my eczema. Then at night before I go to bed I use Dermarest lotion. I have also gone tanning 2-3 times a week for about 7 minutes. After I put the kiwi on, it almost disappears. Sounds crazy, but I swear it works! Good luck to everyone and thanks to all who have posted their ideas.

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I am really not sure what this person is talking about, but I just ate kiwi fruit and the juice got on my eczema on my hands and it burns like crazy. I did not read this before I had the fruit, it was just a coincidence that I came on hear and read this, but do not put kiwi juice on it, it burns, I promise.


No kidding...really the acid in kiwi fruit would burn like hell!!!


Thanks to the person who tryed it and said it burned like hell I am desperatly trying everything for my son and someone comes up with a remedy like this thanks for making this a joke hope you feel better about yourself


you people are complaining that this person said kiwi juice helps and you all are thinking that this person said this as a joke or prank, well i think you all are wrong. Maybe kiwi juice really did help this person. I've been on this site now for an hour, and from what i've gathered is everybody's body is different. Coco oil works for one person, maybe not the other. Maybe for the other person its Apple Cider Acid, which is what im going to try today.....

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