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Maxine C.

i suffered from eczema on the palms of my hands for 4 yrs, after trying all the prevex and steroids that i could stand, from my doctor, i thought id admit defeat. but a good friend of mine suggesteda product made locally here in newfoundland, canada. Hempwear, on water st. sells a line called 'rocky mountain' i bought theyre unscented body butter made especially for eczema(unscented and also comes in a pumpkin patch soap) it was cleared up in just under a wk. i was amazed!! the thing i liked about it most is that even ppl with allergies can use this , as its all-natural, ad hypo-allergenic, as well as scent-free. i would highly reccomend it to any1 with small children, with delicate skin. its a miracle drug!! again the store'Hempware' look it up i know they ship orders all across the world...hope this helps
Maxine C.

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jodie t.

this is for Maxine C. who wrote about a remedy for exzema. She said it is called Rocky Mountain Body Butter and was sold locally in Newfoundland, Canada at a place called Hempwear. I have looked everywhere and of course at the location mentioned and can't find it. She may have spelled the stores name wrong or something but I would love to try this product so any help locating it would be appreciated. thanks Jodie T.


Jodie T... I just did some searching
you cant post websites here but if you search rocky mountain soap company you will find it.

hope that helps. also, i use a bar soap by a company called Skin Free. Its a great soap that doesn't dry out skin, its not perfumed, and is approved for people with eczema.

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