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badly burned

This has been said before but this is what I have done to the 'T' and this is what works. I am very fair skinned and I am never out in the sun. Needless to say I was on an hour long boat ride out to an island, there all day and then the boat ride back. I was badly burned and it started hurting on the island so I knew the next couple days were going to be bad. My friend who was in the coast guard told me about vinegar. I thought this would make it burn more but she said it wouldn't. I was ready to try anything. I tried lotion and it barely helped. My dad made me take some IBProfeun (sp?). That helped me sleep. I had sunburn on both arms (blisters on both arms elbows up), shoulders, neck, face, basically the outline of a mens tank top (I'm a 20 year old girl but love the outline on me :)

ANYWAY I can't sleep unless I'm on my stomach and I couldn't be 'comfortable' unless I was on my back. I put vinegar on gauze and rubbed it on my arms and the burn was instantly gone. And the smell I'm assuming seeped into the skin as well. I can't stand the smell of vinegar. In order to sleep I grabbed 2 facecloths. I soaked one in vinegar and the other in cool water and when I laid down in bed I put one cloth on one arm and the other cloth on the other arm. The pain was gone and it felt as if I had no sunburn. The IBProfeun (sp?) helps with the inflammation and makes me drowsy. Apply the vinegar as needed. I didn't do it this morning I just tried aloe and I was in so much pain again. Then I tried the vinegar and the pain diminished.

Everyone should at least try this method at least once in their sunburned life. If it's not for you it's not for you because people say aloe works for them and that's great. It doesn't work for me. Good luck everybody! Be safe out there!

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brooke bankus

i am trying that


Sorta do the same thing. Coming in from the pool or beach I run a cool bath and add vinegar and take some asprin or ibuprofen. Settle into the cool bath, soak and relax. If I'm really burnt I get a tshirt wet in the vinegar water, ring it out and put it on to keep body temp down.


Haven't tried this but will the next time.


this helps relieve pain for a lil but it seems to come back after 10 min of taking the washcloth off. but im going to try the bath tub with vinegar hope that works better


This so works we came back from the beach yesterday and i was in complete pain reading all about the vinegar i had doubts, but your story was pretty convincing now i just tried it and wow it works!!!! thank you, and on friday i have a wedding to go to and the burns were awful you saved me dude
thanks :)

Nate in Indiana

Umm.. Like I thought this was kind of weird and I don't like the smell of vinegar, but needed relief and willing to try something new...
WOW!!!! For real!! It's freiky weird how good this takes care of the burn. I'm now going to bed, but had to post a comment first.


YAY!!!! It worked!!!! I had my doubts but tried it...glad I did! Thx for posting :)


I live in Australia and the sun here is harsh! I was in the sun for too long yesterday and now have lobster legs. I was dreading trying to sleep with the well remembered burning pain of stupidity, so I tried rubbing white vineger and when that dried, rubbed the tomato in.....Im left with just a tingling sensation, no pain! I'm at a loss for words (almost).

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