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If this simple remedy can help somebody like it has me then its worth a try.

As an 18 year old female having battled with complete body eczema from as far back as i can remember, i was shocked to find that the best remedy for me was the simplest!

After trying every ointment and steriod treatment under the sun, i discovered that olive oil relieved the itching immediately, however it needed to be light (extra virgin). i saw results within a week.

here is the method i used:
1 - spray olive oil over the body / affected areas and rub in for 5-10 minutes.

2- get into warm shower and continue to rub the oil into the skin.

3- when finished shower, pat dry and use an oat based moisturiser.

This works best with showers as you wash the excess oil away! i found that this prevented the flares and also stopped itching. i am able to use natural soaps, although i opt for oat and honey based typed. (type 'LUSH' into google, 'figs and leaves' is a good one!)

Not only has my eczema subsided, my skin has a natural healthy glow. with the product being completely natural, you can do this as often as you like.

warning: bath or shower can be slippery afterwards, clean and rinse well!!

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just tried rubbing in a bit of olive oil into the small patch on my hand and that helped right away!


My eczema is pretty bad. The steroid creams don't help at all anymore, they don't even ease the itching. I tried this (just once so far) but it completely took away the itching!

If nothing else, it's nice to not be itchy! (:

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