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I have been visiting this site and many others like it, daily for the last 3 weeks. I came down with a chronic sinus infection, of which has been horrible. Since then, my ears have clogged and not budged for 3.5 weeks. I just had a cat scan done and do not even have the results yet. I have tried everything from meds, antibiotics, chiropractor, ENT, ER, Sinus washes, homeopathic, sticking garlic in my ear - need I go on? Well today was a break through. Just in time, too - cause I was about to have a break down. I tilted one ear to the ceiling and pinched my nose and blew. I felt an overwhelming amount of air - and an incredible amount of 'gunk' leaking down the back of my throat - then I did the same to the other side adn the same thing happened. I cannot say my hearing is back to normal - as I have to keep doing this over and over to get more and more gunk out....but I am hoping and praying that this is a step in the right direction. I saw another girl unclogged her ears the same way - well, it works - but it may take some time. I did a bunch of soft blows - I would not recommend blowing hard - cause it does hurt a bit when they pop. Good luck - this has been by far the worst illness I have ever endured!

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Thank you this works, blow softly but it works I used the peroxide made it worst for me but now I will try again and the water stream under my ear to help with the ear wax plus a decongestant. I was about to go insane


This so works!! It only took a couple of minutes for me and it popped I feel such a relief Thank You, Thank You Thank You!


OMG,thank you. tried everything,this remedy worked straight away.


OMG, I have been suffering for days! Really? I have tried everything then saw ur post! A second later and I was fixed! :)))))) thank you! I have a flight in a week and was so worried I would be in pain the whole time. U rock!


thank you to whom ever posted the remedy of tilting your ear up at the ceiling and pinching your nose and blowing softly. OMG THANK YOU MY LEFT EAR WAS SO CLOGGED ALONG WTIH MY NOSE FROM ALLERGIES I TRIED STEAM, VICKS RUB IN BOILING HOT WATER ALONG WITH ALL THE OTHER REMEDIES, THIS WORKED !!!! WHAT was that I felt running down the back of my throat? DOESN'T REALLY MATTER I CAN HEAR AGAIN !! THANK YOU MARGE


A month ago I got a cold & I think I was blowing my nose too hard & plugged my ear or ears. I read your comment & tried it. My right ear was really bothering me, so put that ear pointed to the ceiling first. It didn't work, but when I switched to the left ear & blew, my right ear popped. I'm so happy, I hope this is the end of my problem, it was driving me crazy. I'll keep trying it. Thank you for posting this.

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