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I have been visiting this site and many others like it, daily for the last 3 weeks. I came down with a chronic sinus infection, of which has been horrible. Since then, my ears have clogged and not budged for 3.5 weeks. I just had a cat scan done and do not even have the results yet. I have tried everything from meds, antibiotics, chiropractor, ENT, ER, Sinus washes, homeopathic, sticking garlic in my ear - need I go on? Well today was a break through. Just in time, too - cause I was about to have a break down. I tilted one ear to the ceiling and pinched my nose and blew. I felt an overwhelming amount of air - and an incredible amount of 'gunk' leaking down the back of my throat - then I did the same to the other side adn the same thing happened. I cannot say my hearing is back to normal - as I have to keep doing this over and over to get more and more gunk out....but I am hoping and praying that this is a step in the right direction. I saw another girl unclogged her ears the same way - well, it works - but it may take some time. I did a bunch of soft blows - I would not recommend blowing hard - cause it does hurt a bit when they pop. Good luck - this has been by far the worst illness I have ever endured!

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oh my god thank u some much for the info for 2 days my ear been not hurting but fustrated that it was clogged tryed pinching the nose and blowing but never did it side ways i tryed ur way once ....but i blew to hard ur right wow it hurt but man it feels so much better thank you again and thank u god for the internet lol


I have Been having regula sinus infections & clogged ears since high school. Two or three times a year I would be at the doctor getting antibiotics. Due to something I thought was unrelated I started seeing an accupuncturist and trained practitioner of Chinese medicine. Through her I learned that the 'gunk' in your ears and sinuses is usually caused by excess bacteria and she advised I limit my diary and wheat consuption because they both foster bacteria growth. Almost two years ago I switched to soy in my coffee, limit cheese and other dairy, and eat rye instead of wheat bread. I haven't had a sinus infection in almost 2 years. So based on that knowledge if you have a cold or you feel a buildup in your ears or nasal passageways and you want to get to the cause of the problem instead of just clearing up the symptom try eliminating dairy & wheat untill you feel them drain. When I do feel a cold coming on I quit those 2 things cold turky along with anything else containing yeast and refined sugar (which also encouraged bacteria growth) that meens beer, wine, and dark liquor, sweets, soda etc. Believe me it works.


It works (my ear half-opened). Thsnk you so much!!


OMG, I read this and I done it right then to both ears when I only had 1 clogged but I feel so much better! Thank you mine clogs because I sleep on one side all night. Your such a life saver:-D


Wow!! Thank you so much! I feel like I've been released from a bubble after 2 weeks. I was trying it before, but not sideways. Amazing!


It isn't working! Still frustrated.but thanks anyway. it was worth a try.

Ron Jr.

Thank you very has been ears have been clogged for almost 4 weeks and I have tried every home remedy known to man...this was the only thing that helped...thanks again...definite life saver...


Ijust tried it because I was so frustrated. My ear seemed to be getting worse, but it was so comforting to see so many others suffering from the same ailment. I tried it and'bubble' did burst. It wasn't a full breakthrough but it is much better, thank you. Like others, I had tried holding my nose, but never tilted my head so that my ear faces the ceiling. I wonder why that makes a difference?


I've had clogged ears for about 3 weeks now (it's SUPER irritating)! It's gotten so bad that it get's me dizzy & gives me migranes. I tried your method & it seemed to work... did the job just enough to get that 'under-water' effect out! Thank you for the advise!


Like so many others, I too have had a cold and had tried holding my nose and blowing and it did not work until I tilted my head. Only thing was I had to tilt stuffed ear side to the floor to get it to work. Thank you so much! That was really making me crazy not being able to hear out of the one ear.

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