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I attempted the hydrogen peroxide and Borax home remedy on two 10 week old kittens with Notoedric mange (skin mites). Both kittens ended up vomiting a few times, but seemed fine afterwards. After the throughal dip they still itched and scratched at their crusty and red skin like crazy. I decided to purchase the 'LYMDIP' that I read about and was recommended by my vet (15 dollars). You can find it online for cheaper and might be under Lime dip. Also my vet will be giving them a set of 3 shots each called Ivermectin (15 dollars each). I asked my vet about the Hydrogen/peroxide home remedy and he said that it will help to relieve the skin and help with drying it out but lymdip and the shots are more effective.
Just wanted to give some other options for everyone looking for the answer to this problem.
Another note: I ended up catching the mites (notoedric mange) from our kittens, but humans are not good hosts for them and they died within 3 days. The mites leave what looks exactly like mosquito bites. Sometimes with a small white head in the middle of the red bite.

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Vanna's Mom

I have a 1 /1/2 yr old Tibetan Terrier, who had gorgeous fur, back in December'09 she was diagnosed with Demodex Mange, I have tried Goodwinol didn't work, Vaseline helped alot, but no cure, Borax and Hydrogen nope, TGel shampoo didn't work either, during this time I took her off dog food, and started to build her immune system with vitamins (Vitamin E, Omega 3, Multi Vitamin), I fed her liver, calf hearts, chicken, steak. Finally in June'10, I purchase NuStock, within 3 weeks there was no sign of mange. I keep an eye on it just in case, but I haven't had to put anymore on her skin for about two weeks now. I will warn you NuStock has a terrible scent, but its worth it. Coat is growing back beautifully. I also had her fixed, I don't want to spread mange to any other puppy, her mother gave it her. Demodex is only spread through mites in blood stream.


Hi i have a 4month old Siberian husky that has mange and her face has all these bubbles on and swollen face her eyes are closed because of the swollen face.She also have hair loss and i was told that i should use old used car oil, but that doesn't work. but i took her to the vet last week and the vet wanted to put her to sleep please someone help me?

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