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Ok, I have a toothache is mainly my wisdom tooth -- no insurance can't have it taken out right now. It hurts so much at night.

I have tried the vanilla extract, rinsing mouth with salt/Pepper, ice, tea bag, brushing teeth, etc. Nothing works here's what does:

I kid you not, I had really bad pain that would keep me up until 3am. I read this on a site written by dentist overseas. Ready for the simple solution?

Throat lozenges! That's right throat lozenges like Chloraseptic. The trick was to put the Strepsil next to the gum area of the tooth with the abscess, so that the antibacterial effect is as close to the infection as one can get it.

With this tooth abscess home remedy, it is important to keep the lozenge in position for several hours, without sucking it.

Another requirement of this home remedy for tooth abscess is to relocate the lozenge to the other side of the tooth abscess about every half hour. So, it's between the lip and gum for half the time and for the other half, the lozenge is between the tongue and the gum.

BELIEVE ME IT WORKS! I noticed no more pain with in 2 lozenges. It's cheap and it WORKS! TRY IT!!

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except that the throat lozenges are FULL of sugar... careful with that cuz as soon as you brush the sugar away it hurts again. in bigger towns that have university's, dental students can work on you for free up to a max of like $30, its an idea.

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