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Leah (Oregon)

Last evening was the worst my RLS has been to date. I've decided it started about 2 months ago when I began a low dose of Zoloft for my anxiety. It comes and goes so I haven't thought much of it. It certainly has disrupted my sleep and is more than annoying, it's absolutely torture. I've tried the heating pad, Advil, muscle relaxers and the like. I've read all of the blogs and remedies on this site. I think it definitely depends on the individual, but after reading all the blogs here last night, I felt I had to share. I was pretty desperate as my husband rubbed my legs to help me get drowzy enough to sleep. Then it dawned on me. Acupuncture! I had had it in the past for other ailments and it worked amazingly well. So I remembered the can of tennis balls in the garage. I put two under my back, at the small of my back where the two little indentations are, and I slept through the night!! The pressure on the area that the RLS seemed to stem from, was just the ticket! Maybe it was a placebo effect but who cares? I slept! No yoga poses and stretching on my floor at 4:00 a.m. It may not work for everyone, but I thought I must at least give another possible remedy to this very annoying disorder. Hope I can help someone.

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i have rls and my filipino girlfried i try a product from her home country for this affliction. i was very skeptical and critical of her suggestion and even called it 'snake oil' equivalent to what they used to sell out of the wagon during the western days. to please my girlfriend, i tried it and was amazed with the results. not only did it cure my rls at night, it also got rid of my arthritis pain in my elbows. i now consider it a 'miracle liquid cure' for a variety of ailments. it is a methyl salicylate camphor, made in the philippines and can be obtained from the philippine islands connection @ 423.893.0254.


The above comment reference the Philippine Island Connection was written by her, thus the grammar and spelling errors.....sorry, I was dictating it to her. This product really worked for me.


Do you take Zoloft at night or in the morning? Zoloft has a slight stimulant-like effect, so that might have something to do with disrupting your sleep. Just a thought.

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