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For me what worked was swishing ice cold water around in my mouth. If you need a root canal because the nerve is dying then the cold water will break down the gases that build up in the tooth. Trust me i was in SEVERE PAIN. Now if you need sleep and cant stay up all night swishing water around then go to the ER. They can write you a prescription for heavy duty pain meds and will give you a shot of pain medicine so you can sleep. Trust me i was in EXTREME PAIN and a temporary fix is ice cold water

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puttin cood water on a toochache.. is the dumbest thing you can do.. do not listen to this advise. i did not and will not be trying this. as everyone knows. cold and hot water. can cause a toothache to hurt. VARY BAD!!!!! do not take this advise, i got a toothache.l and thw only thing that works.. tynaol.. brushin my teeth over n over agian,(with luke warm water) and then rinsin my mouth out with luke warm salt water.. my tooth is crack/chipped/ and half gone. the pain is drivin me crazy.


A cotton ball soak in clove oil followed by some aleve for the swelling.. You can find Clove oil in health stores that specializes in natural foods .. Works for me .. The clove oil will sting at first ( how you know it's working) then it slowly stops...


The ice cold water is what I have been doing. It's surprising but it works. Not dumb at all.


Ive tried the Red cross..dont work.....warm water only makes the pain worst. Gargling with cold water is the only thing helping me at this point ... and gargling Antiseptic mouth wash only!

i want to run into traffic

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