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boil some water in a small pot with the top on it !! than when is boiled put ur face in it NOT in the hot water but let the somke hit ur face nd put a towel over it , so the smoke wont go everywhere then just squeez them gently !! it'll be so much easier to get them out =] do it over night bc u might get a red nose lol

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its called steam.


steam, and 'SPELLCHECK'


Wow I'm pretty sure this person was just trying to help, you two seem like you were the mean girls in high school.


Yeah, really. Be nice, she was just trying to be helpful. You don't need to slam everyone you see online, just because you feel insignificant.


Steam method really works.whenever i have to suffer from blackheads.i used to take this way ur pores get wide and blackheads of your skin automatically removes.try it thrice in a week who have this permanent problem

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