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A lot of people are skeptics about chiropractors but a friend made a believer out of me. Our chiropractor has cured my families ear infections, that hacking cough when you lay down, and even bed wetting. As far as the bed wetting goes, a child goes through growth spurts and this can cause your bones/spine to pinch on nerves, the nerves that trigger 'hey I gotta pee'! When you have your childs body 'popped and cracked' it relieves the nerves letting them work properly again. 4 kids, it worked on all of them.

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How old were your children when you had this done? Instant results?


Absolutely ridiculous science and a child is at risk of tearing delicate blood vessels in the neck area. Never let a quack chiropractor (anyone who promises anything other than muscular / skeletal manipulation) touch your child.


I was concerned about bringing my child to a chiropractor too. I did my own resesarch and found that chiropractors spend years learning to manipulate the spine safely. He was extremely gentle when he treated my child. She has had only ONE mild ear infection since starting treatment three months ago. She was getting them every few weeks! I dont know about bedwetting but for us, this has been a miracle!!!

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