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I KNOW THIS IS LONG, BUT WELL WORTH THE READ. I use the left over tobacco 'dust' that I get for FREE at our tobacco plant (where they roll the cigarettes). All you need is a spreader (grass, fertilizer) and a vehicle/trailer to haul the dust home. (Our plant uses boxes 3' x 3' x 3'). We live on the lake (mosquitos) as well as on 3 acres of trees and 400 acres of trees across the road (ticks and fleas horribly bad), we have alot (alot!) of rocks (scorpions, snakes) and of course spiders. Forget going in the yard, we couldn't walk onto our front deck without fleas and ticks immediately getting on us. On our place it was an all day adventure but oh so well worth it. I only have a small spreader (it holds about 2 gallons) so it meant many trips back to the box to refill, (a little exercise never hurt anyone!) but when I was done, I knocked down all the spider webs that were on our deck rails (I had already been knocking them down daily, but they would be back the next day, determined little workers) and lo and behold, in less than one day, I didn't see another web and I could sit out on my deck without the use of bug spray or candles ($$$)! I only started this last summer, all summer, I am guessing about once a month, but use your own judgement, if you start noticing the bugs again, spread more. Now what I have been told by the man at the plant is don't spread it real thick, the tobacco is 'hot' and will burn the grass, but if you don't spread it too thick, it fertilizes the grass (we did seem to have to mow more). This is why all the little creatures disappear, it 'burns' them, it doesn't neccesarily kill them, it deters them from coming into your yard. I am a firm believer with this remedy, a pretty lawn with no bugs or snakes, a little exercise, a tan and all this for free! As far as the animals, I didn't do a great job at doing this daily ritual, shame on me, but what little I did do, I think it worked, and am going to start today with a promise to my poor itchy dogs, and will update this every week or so to let you know if it seems to be working. I would put a teaspoon of white vinegar in their 3 1/2 c. water bowl every morning, the odor/taste disappears after a bit . Supposedly the odor/taste of the vinegar seeps through the animals skin, (not where we can smell it) and deters the fleas and ticks from biting, again this doesn't kill /the critters, it just gives them a bad taste. Garlic (not odorless garlic pills) is also not only good for all of us, but the same thing, the odor seeps out of the skin. I think this idea would work on us humans as well so I am going to figure out how to eat a cloves worth of minced garlic everyday. Good luck to all!

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Back in the 50's or 60's (if I'm not mistaken) plant nurseries used pure nicotine as a pesticide. It killed anything. One or two drops from an eye dropper could kill a human if ingested. I believe that is what gets rid of the bugs by using tabacco.


UPDATE: '60mg of nicotine will kill in minutes' Google 'pure nicotine' for more info.

Mitch Ladyman

This is a nice post. If you read a book titled 'the impatient gardener' by Jerry Baker , he give a few old timey recipes for your yard. The fall 'tonic' as he calls it , has ''tobacco tea' in it. It is made by steeping a bag of chewing tobacco in a pint of boiling water overnight , and then adding this to the rest of the ingredients and spraying the yard/area w it for the fall/winter. The nicotine in the mixture kills a lot of unwanted pests before they can hatch the next spring. I have done it for many years and have very little 'bug trouble.'
A word of caution to all !!!! NICOTINE is an indiscriminate poison!!!! Gloves , wash up , and throw out any utensils/ old jars you use to make or handle the tobacco tea !!!!!
Good luck !!! I also recommend you buy the book I mentioned it has a lot of good homespun recipes for your yard , garden , animals.


If the tobacco you are using has anything that the cigarettes contain..thats why it works. They even contain rat poison.

Angie Beam

My husband and i smoke cigarettes( I know shame shame). Our chihuahua will steal cigarette butts, mince the tobacco part and roll in it . In summer the cats around the farm are flea covered while the Chihuahua is flea and chemical free.....

Angie beam

Sunny, as mentioned in previous comments nicotine in large amounts kills. Human, mammal, reptiles, all have naturally occurring nicotinic receptors in the nervous system. This is why tobacco for pesticide works. Limits friend

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